And Now for Something a Little Softer

OK, show of hands …

Who the HELL is ready for Mercury to go direct?

I know, I know. Between a massive post-election hangover, hiding under the covers and waiting for the apocalypse to hit (my clients, not me) and holiday travel woes, it’s TIME, my people.

Mercury will begin to move direct this evening, hang in the “wobble” for a few days, and then make its way out of the shadow by the end of the month. It you can hold out that long to sign important documents, buy big or technological things, or have “the talk,” by all means wait.

If not, try to stick to the things that need to get done — life-saving surgery, for example, or enrolling in classes (which aren’t gonna wait for you). You should be fine, as long as you sign on the dotted line by Monday or later.

Once this has passed, we’re signing up for something very new and unusual. 2017 will begin with a unique alignment of planets in the sign of Pisces. Though not all of them will exactly line up, enough of them are hitting one another to make it notable between now and the second week in February.

Venus (planet of love and creativity), Mars (action and masculinity), Neptune (dreaming, confusion, addiction) and the asteroid Chiron (healing though pain) will activate each other, indicating that something, or more than one thing, is being sacrificed and released so that new things can come into being for you.  This may involve the dissolution or “forgiveness” of something — an old belief system, old debts, feelings, an old relationship, or something else, that simply has to go if you’re going to keep growing and developing. This will be more painful for some than others, depending on what Pisces rules in your chart, and what you my have in Pisces natally.

The bottom line is that something we may once have held dear is now being let go. You may find yourself more sensitive than normal during this time, or dreaming more vividly. Whatever the case, keeping a journal may help to sort things out on a spiritual level until mid-February. Neptune and Chiron, both slow moving, will continue in Pisces for some time, which will assist you in continually renewing your values and beliefs. Until then, be well and be careful as Mercury flips direct. Some extra vigilance on the roads is never a bad idea.

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