All the Pretty Pretty Retrogades: Your Guide to the Astrology of Spring 2017

It’s that time of year, folks. When we emerge from one or two retrogrades in order to move directly into others.

Here’s your guide to the retrogrades of early 2017, and how they might affect you going forward:

  1. Mercury Retrograde: Since this planet moves the quickest — and goes direct today (yay!) — it’s usually just annoying, affecting technology, communication and large purchases (always get a receipt!). But it’s short lived, usually around 3 weeks give or take. It went direct today, and will be out of the shadow on May 21st.
  2. Venus Retrograde: Affects love, often bringing exes or thoughts of exes back into our lives, as well as creativity and things involving women. Thankfully, this planet went direct on April 15th.
  3. Jupiter Retrograde: Jupiter is the planet of expansion and creativity, as well as the planet of faith. It can affect your plans for expansion, often sending you back the drawing board to make a few adjustments before putting a new plan into motion. It will go direct on June 9th.
  4. Saturn Retrograde: Saturn rules boundaries, limitations, the status quo, and traditions. When it’s retrograde, these may be eroded, or you may begin to question them in your life. Saturn will go direct on August 25th.
  5. Pluto Retrograde: This very slow moving planet often takes years to move through a single sign. It rules steady change and the willingness to open oneself to transformation. When it’s retrograde, expect changes to become more internal, including thoughts of how to make your life better going ahead. It will go direct on September 28th.

Retrogrades are always times to revisit, renew, reconsider and revise. As planets begin to go direct, you may feel a little more momentum for your life and plans but, ultimately, it’s always best to use the energy of these transitions, rather than feeling victimized by them.

Have a great spring!

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