The Natural Antidote to Fear

When you’ve been around as long as I have, getting to know people as intensely and personally as I do, you begin to notice a few things. First is that people are all essentially alike. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a healthy wash of individuality, mind you, but rather that we all share many of the same concerns (usually while thinking we’re incredibly weird in some way).

You also notice that people’s lives and decisions fluctuate with the times, including the political times, even if they’re the least political person on the planet. Recently, our change in government has given rise to a sharp rise in fear amongst my clients, who are normally a pretty sedate and yet striving group of achievers.

Since getting a reading or healing may not be for everyone, and some may not be able to afford it, I wanted to offer this blog post as a way to understand fear, and begin to counter it in your own life, if you feel it’s become a problem —

  1. The first is to understand that fear, like any other emotion, is primarily energy, meaning that it will pass through your body very quickly. From there, we can choose to keep it around, through rumination and worry, or release it through various means.
  2. Secondly, our willingness to take on fear may mean we feel withdrawn from the world, overly anesthetized or unfeeling, or even aggressive and angry for no reason at all. We can see this on a mass scale in the U.S. as times are in the process of changing.
  3. Fear can also cause physical, mental and emotional issues, if left to stagnate in the body as energy.

There is a natural antidote to fear. It’s called joyful appreciation.

I know, I know, when you’re terrified that you can ‘t pay your rent, or may be attacked, or even suffer trauma at work or in your home, this may be very tough to come by.

But without taking a single pill, or holing up until political winds change, you can affect your daily moods and overall outlook.

Cultivating joyful appreciation may look like this —

  1. If you can’t get out of bed, look around your room. Let your gaze fall on one thing you’re glad you have — a laptop, your sneakers, a cup of coffee.
  2. If you’re at work, look around your office and let your gaze fall on something you’re proud of — a completed project, a neat desk, or a plant you’ve nursed back to health.
  3. If you’re with unsupportive friends or parents, let your gaze fall on something you love — a spinach omelette, salt, or milkshakes.
  4. If you’re not sure how to get out of this, look around yourself in this moment and then change your perspective — literally. If you’re inside, go outside. If you’re outside, move inward, literally or figuratively. Changing your perspective is the first step toward letting it go.

These small shifts begin to shift the energy within and around you.

Knowing you can change your reality, even if it’s just a little today, may mean the difference between living a happier and more empowered life, and not. Wishing you peace as you deal with any of your own fear.

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