Who’s Ready for Jupiter to Be Direct?

Great news!

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, creativity and doors opening, is going direct on Friday, June 9th.

It’s been retrograde since February 6th, when most of us were probably still in the afterglow of our New Year’s Resolutions, hopefully still following our dreams and taking positive actions to put them into the world.

When Jupiter’s retrograde, however, it may feel that we’re trying to swim upstream in order to get things done, however. That what we want is somehow out of step with what the Universe has in store for us. It tends to slow down those all-important doors from opening, especially when we need them to.

However, when Jupiter flips tomorrow, it’ll begin the longer process of change in your life.

Momentum will likely pick up again on your life and dreams, and in whatever house Libra rules in your chart.

You may experience a feeling of expansion, as Jupiter tends to open things up.

And you may also feel more creative, or want to flex your creative muscles a bit more.

Whatever you find in your own personal life, enjoy this new influx of energy and use it wisely! Jupiter can also make us think we’re Weekend Warriors or can stay up all night, or eat all the food and not have consequences.

So celebrate, but with some moderation, k? We all want you to stick around.

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