What’s Your Dream Deferred?

Neptune, planet of creativity and dreams, just went retrograde on June 16th, in the sign of Pisces (which it, in turn, rules).

It’ll stay retrograde until November 22nd, when it will flip at 11 degrees. Though it will only move about 3 degrees during this time, Neptune retrograde presents a time to revisit past dreams:

What have you deferred, or not allowed yourself to have? 

Where are you stuck with your creativity? 

What are you trying to bring into existence, and what are you blocking? 

What are you sacrificing, or afraid of sacrificing, to get what you want? 

And how can you stop sacrificing for things (or people) that don’t appreciate you? 

It’s an important time for dream work, to pay attention to what’s happening in your dream world, and even in your liminal, psychic world, where clear knowing or flashes of images or sounds may provide you with important intuitive clues about where you’re headed.

Writing it down, first and foremost, will provide you with a framework to understanding what’s coming through.

No need to act on it, or even interpret it, yet.

Allowing it to settle, to percolate through all layers of your consciousness, brings the best results.

Most of all, have fun with it!

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