Welcome to Bold Vision Healing!

Every once in a while, I get strong and sometimes visceral messages from my guides. Sometimes, they give me info about my own life and goals, and sometimes, things that are more universal, and applicable to my clients. Sometimes they even give me new information or lessons about cosmic activities that are suitable for developing into an online class or workshop.

Recently, with all the rather intense energy out there, with political and social changes occurring almost daily, they’ve been focusing on helping people get more independent and confident, and less reliant on systems that are in the process of shifting.

To that end, I’ve developed a new aspect of my business — Bold Vision Healing — which will help conscious business people, artists and entrepreneurs to become more empowered, move stubborn obstacles out of the way, and have the support they need while structuring their new and more independent lives!

I’m excited to share these sessions at a discount for the next few weeks, as a way to support this growing community even more — hope to see you there!

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