Keeping Energetic Boundaries Healthy

One of the things I hear most frequently in my practice these days goes something like this —

“Ugh. The energy is so intense.

I had to block seven people on social media today.

When’s it going to stop?


I feel you. I really do.

Things ARE intense out there in the world, and we all want to know when the bad stuff is gonna stop happening.

What most may not realize, however, is that we can do a few small things to ensure that it bugs us a lot less. Keeping our energetic boundaries healthy is one of them —

  1. Limit contact with toxic people or situations. Now, this may seem super obvious, but it always amazes me how we often miss it. Of course, unless you’re willing to quit your job and live with the consequences, you may have to deal with a demanding boss or co-worker. Another pro tip here: Don’t confuse toxic, meaning poisonous, with someone you don’t like, or feel is demanding. They are not synonymous.
  2. Let Go of the Need to Control. This is such a big one, I see it literally every day I work with people. We are trained to try and get things the way we like them. Nothing wrong with that, per se, but none of us really controls the Universe, nor should we. Letting go of the things you can’t control will help adjust energetic boundaries accordingly, and leads to less stress.
  3. Cede What You Can to Partnerships. It’s always easier to carry a heavy load when you’re sharing the burden with someone, right? But few of us realize that we’re in constant partnership with the Universe, our guides, angels and ancestor spirits. Ceding what you can to them helps with some of the heavy lifting.
  4. Double or Even Triple Your Self-Care Now. The outside energy is intense for many reasons, including astrological and planetary influences, as well as our expectations about what we should and need to have. Small things like taking five 5-minute meditation breaks throughout the day, or listening to teachings, or even developing our spiritual lives in other ways, makes all the difference, and returns us to what’s really important — our purpose on the planet.
  5. Release the Need to Blame. This is also another big one that I see nearly ever day I practice with people. When we can’t figure out what to do, but it still hurts, we point fingers. We blame. We cast doubt and aspersions on everything from the Universe itself to the people closest to us. This is not only a mistake in thinking, it also won’t make things better. Releasing the need to blame automatically shifts your energetic boundaries to be more flexible and forgiving – for everyone, including ourselves.

Don’t forget, in times like these, to move the focus inward. Often, if we’re feeling challenged or overwhelmed, it’s actually an invitation to look deeper into ourselves, develop understanding, and make adjustments in our external lives. Wishing you the best with it going forward!

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