The Eclipses of August 2017 — 8/7/17 in 15 Aquarius

After all the hemming and hawing about 2016 being one of the worst years ever, taking away some of our most treasured idols (still not over you, Bowie), and generally sucking, 2017’s been pretty much like, “Hold my beer, man.”

We’ve managed to make it through 7 months, though (clinks glasses anyone within arm’s reach), with only 5 more to go in this year.

Problem is, there are two rather big astrological events happening in August — namely two eclipses, I want to talk about in separate posts. I’ll also be doing at least one podcast about them, so be on the lookout for those later this week.

The first one is a Full Moon Eclipse in 15 Aquarius. Now, we’re all pretty familiar with what goes on when a Full Moon happens — tidal changes, crime rates increase, general feelings of cray bumping up the charts — all these will be in full effect now.

When the Moon is eclipsed, it’s  exactly opposing the Sun, which in this case is at 15 degrees of Leo. Normally, that’s a very traditional relationship aspect — the more masculine feeling Sun sparks up against, pulls against, and creates some sexy tension with the more feminine Moon.

In this case, though, it’s in Aquarius, which can be a little brainy, a little cold and distant, but very humanitarian, future-seeking, technology and social media obsessed, among other things. It’s much more of a “let’s be friends” placement, especially if we look at it in the chart below —

The Moon’s in the 11th House of dreams coming true, large audiences and social groups, politics and, yes, friends. It’s opposing the Sun, ruling the ego, in the 5th House of family, fun, dating and romance. The Sun’s also in a wide conjunction with Mars, planet of assertion and masculinity, and squaring Jupiter in the Libra, here placed in the 7th House of allies, marriage and serious relationships. So a theme is starting to emerge —

This forms a t-square (three planets boxing each other in) with the outlet at around 15 degrees of Aries. If you have planets in those signs, or close to those degrees, your chart may be affected, too.

What’s interesting is that the USA’s natal Chiron (an asteroid meaning healing through pain) is placed at 20 degrees of Aries, close enough to an opposition with Jupiter in Libra, and squaring the Moon and Sun on this date. Since a t-square naturally drives the energy toward the outlet, it’s in the country’s 1st House, or house of how we look, and are perceived by others, which is in need of the “healing through pain” aspect.

How will this affect you personally? Stay tuned, or order your own personal reading with me today. More soon!



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