Eclipse Fallout

So … how was the Lunar Eclipse for you?

Depending on where it hit your natal planets and angles, it may have been pretty intense indeed, as the Full Moon opposed the Sun and released some powerful energy into the Universe.

Most talk about the eclipse itself as a time to look to, to study and experience. But I find the “fallout” period, about a day or two after the event, so be just as illuminating.

Try this as a practice — Close your eyes for a moment and check in. Notice what feelings are really present for you. Are they memories, pulling you into the past, or anxiety about the future? Or just someone or something that has your attention right in the here and now?

Then see where that feelings or feelings may be located in your body. Is anything tight, tense or knotted up because of it?

Journal about what you’ve found. Does this release any further images, associations or connections?

Eclipses can be powerful indicators of what we want and need, but also what we really need to divest from, or release. Use what you find to take concerted action toward maintaining your overall health and wellbeing.

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