So How Was That For You?

The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 is in the books, and we’re all still deciding how we feel about it.

I had a strange, metallic smell and taste in my mouth all day, which is gone today, and had a series of strange, sequential (very unusual) dreams that unfolded an interesting narrative I’m still trying to sort out.

But how was it all for you?

Hopefully, you had a chance to at least watch some of NASA’s incredible coverage of the event, mostly free of annoying talking heads (we don’t care about you, folks), and focused on the science.

I hope, too, that you had some time for yourself, to decompress, to look inward, and decide what needs feeding and increased action in your life.

So much is beginning to move forward now, as we head into the Mercury direct period of September 5th and beyond, and finally to Pluto’s direct motion in late September. I’m excited to launch a brand new program beginning around that time, so if you’re not on my email list, join up today, so you can be first in line.

It’s going to be MASSIVELY HEALING, and help you to remove any blocks or obstacles to your success in a very specific way most don’t use. Hope to see you there!

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