How Conditional Are You?

What’s the number one thing my clients are looking for?

Unconditional love.

What’s the hardest thing, it seems, for any of us to get?

Unconditional love, or really anything that’s unconditional in nature.

We humans are a transactional species, always adding things up we do for others, while subtracting what we’re not getting from them n return.

This, in a nutshell, is making things conditional —

I’ll love you, but only if you do what I want.

Sure, I can lend you money. As long as I get to decide how you spend all your money in the meantime, until you pay me back (and possibly longer than that).

I’ll hire you for this job, but you’ll have to do that AND make me personally happy along the way.

Conditions limit us. Far from being an equal exchange, they cause us to lose sight of the present moment, which gives us so much, in favor of an unforeseen future, which has not arrived yet. I see so many constantly in their Life Ledgers that their energy begins to read as if it’s already determined (whatever IT is in this instance), and it’s left them more than a little disappointed.

My guides were adamant about creating a program to help people recognize conditional behavior in themselves, and begin to rid themselves of it over time. We’re very close to SOLD OUT, and will be closing registrations within a few days.

Love to see you there for some serious healing! 

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