New Moon, New Phase & Personal Grit

Tonight’s New Moon in 26 degrees of Capricorn is a special one, as we begin the New Year poised to make extraordinary changes. Though you may have already forgotten your New Year’s Resolutions, or never really made them in the first place (good on ya), this is a time of turning over a new leaf, extending yourself in a new way, or buckling down to find another layer of grit in your personality.

Six, count ’em, six planets are in Capricorn now, including the Sun, Mercury, the Moon of course, Venus, Saturn and Pluto. That’s what’s called a stellium, or grouping of planets, which gives them even more power. If you’re a Capricorn Sun Sign, an Earth Sign in general, or a Cardinal Sign (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra), chances are you’re going to experience this New Moon a lot more than those around you.

The Capricorn New Moon asks for new growth, new building, new ideas that will lead to new plans. It asks for concerted action, based on solid thinking and plans. And it asks us to stop mucking around with the mental when we can take what we’re trying to do into the physical realm.

If you’re seeking resolution to a situation that’s been going on for a long time, this is the time of crystallization and insight. Try to release any lingering fear as you make the right decision for this stage of your life.

Capricorn also rules personal power and authority. Ruler Saturn may put uncomfortable parameters around our dreams from time to time, but it’s only asking us to get more certain and structured about what we want. Making new intentions around authority, and what we hope to achieve in this realm, begin to come true when we follow them with action.

One notable outlier in Mars, now in Scorpio, another power loving sign. Though Scorpio is a Water Sign, focusing on our emotions while we’re gaining and wielding power, it’s just as ambitious. Whether you’re seeking more money and capital for a business, a raise or promotion (change of title), or just some additional respect, it’s a great time to put those goals into motion.

Though the Moon will square Uranus, planet of instability and genius, learning to go with the flow ensures that we use the energy to its highest expression. Try not to expect control, in other words, until you’ve earned it. Here’s wishing you a healthy, happy New Moon in Capricorn!

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