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Ready for the Equinox?

As if we weren’t still dealing with the fallout from two strong eclipses in August, Mercury turning direct earlier this month, and the slow switch of Pluto during the last week of September, we have an equinox coming up!












On the 22nd, the Sun enters the sign of Libra, highlighting more balance, creativity, fairness and equality. Once in Libra, it will form a t-square with Vesta and Juno (two feminine asteroids), along with Chiron (an asteroid meaning healing through pain). Shadow work is wonderful at this time, as is anything you’re doing to dig out and release old wounds.

Authenticity is also highlighted, since Uranus is involved with almost every planet in this chart, as is intuition. Since Uranus also opposes the conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon in Scorpio, it’s important to notice rebellious feelings and deal with them accordingly. Not stuff them, of course, but release them in a fruitful and creative way. They may even serve as important motivation for some.

All in all, the Jupiter-Moon conjunction in the 9th works well with transformative Pluto in the 12th. This is am important “chickens coming home to roost” aspect, where what we’ve learned and put into practice can finally begin to be seen on the physical plane, or mistakes we’ve made can be released through 12th House activities like energy and metaphysical work.

Though we may inadvertently overestimate our resources and cash flow now, the North Node in the collective 7th House urges repairing relationships that may have drifted, or come undone. In 23 degrees of Leo, it’s about opening the heart again, and learning to trust those who may have hurt us.

Hope your equinox is everything you want it to be, and make sure to get outside to experience some of the energy directly, if you can!

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