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5 Things Venus Retrograde May Shift in Your Life

Whew! I’ve been so busy, I’m way behind on blogging. But I wanted to do a quick post on how Venus Retrograde is likely to affect your life.

This planet of life, love, creativity and the feminine energy went retrograde on March 4th in the sign of Aries. It will move back from 13 degrees of that sign to 26 degrees of Pisces on April 15th, when it will flip direct. Here are five ways it’ll likely affect your life:

  1. You’ll Be Focused on Love in a Brand New Way: Whether you’re trying to get over someone from your past, clearing house to prepare for another relationship, or just sorting out the wheat from the chaff in the dating world, your feelings about love, including its place in your life, are shifting in a big way.
  2. You’ll Be Revisiting Projects From Your Past: Whether you’re creative by nature or not, you’ll be at minimum thinking about something you put aside in the past. Between now and the middle of April, don’t be surprised if a new opportunity comes up to revisit one or more of these projects.
  3. You’ll Be Inspired Like Never Before: New ideas may take more time to formulate in your mind, but everywhere you look now, there’s another idea waiting to be developed into more. Use them in work, with money and your career, or in your personal relationships with friends, family or mates.
  4. You’ll Be Attracted to Women, Empowerment and Equality: Since Venus is currently in Mars’ natural sign, it’s striving to establish more equality between the sexes, but also of the male and female energy in the world. Don’t be surprised if you want to read up about equality, attend a march or talk, or get into conversations highlighting equal rights for all during this time.
  5. You’ll Have Opportunities to Demonstrate Your Care & Nurturing: When Venus is highlighted, each of us have new chances to show others how much we care. This time, since it’s retrograde, this may be with someone from your past, even if that’s simply forgiving them in our minds and hearts. Or it could be very active and present for you now, offering opportunities to demonstrate nurturing to someone in need.

Have a wonderful Venus Retrograde period, and don’t forget to give your emotions more space now!

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