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Solar Eclipse in 28 Leo – August 21, 2017

I know, I know. If you’ve been anywhere near the spiritual, metaphysical or astrological news in the past month or so, you’ve probably been filled with ideas like Super Moons and Killer Eclipses and all kinds of other terror-filled concepts. Suuuuuuuuper spiritual. Let me clear a few things up for you, so you don’t hideContinue Reading

Eclipse Fallout

So … how was the Lunar Eclipse for you? Depending on where it hit your natal planets and angles, it may have been pretty intense indeed, as the Full Moon opposed the Sun and released some powerful energy into the Universe. Most talk about the eclipse itself as a time to look to, to studyContinue Reading

The Eclipses of August 2017 — 8/7/17 in 15 Aquarius

After all the hemming and hawing about 2016 being one of the worst years ever, taking away some of our most treasured idols (still not over you, Bowie), and generally sucking, 2017’s been pretty much like, “Hold my beer, man.” We’ve managed to make it through 7 months, though (clinks glasses anyone within arm’s reach),Continue Reading

Keeping Energetic Boundaries Healthy

One of the things I hear most frequently in my practice these days goes something like this — “Ugh. The energy is so intense. I had to block seven people on social media today. When’s it going to stop? WHEN?!?!?!?!?” I feel you. I really do. Things ARE intense out there in the world, andContinue Reading

Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours — Open Monday (regular hours) Closed Tuesday, July 4th Open Wednesday (back to regular hours) Have fun and be safe out there!