Getting Unconditional Program

Getting Unconditional Program

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The #1 Reason My Clients Don’t Get What They Want is ... Conditions. 

It's the ONE THING most of us do so we don’t succeed, even while trying our very hardest to do that very thing we want.

So I designed a program to help people recognize this in themselves, and take active steps to eradicate it from their everyday lives.

Getting Unconditional is designed to help you get free. Here's what we'll do in our 4 weeks together:

Week 1: September 19th - What Are Conditions?

  • Why we put them into place
  • What purpose they serve
  • Exercise on common conditions
  •  Energetic clearings & downloads on recognizing conditions in yourself

Week 2: September 26th - What Do Conditions Do? 

  • What conditions think they're doing for us
  • What we think they're actually doing
  • What they look and behave like as energy
  • Visualization exercise on our conditional training
  • Energetic clearings & downloads on our misperceptions

Week 3: October 3rd - How Can I Release My Conditions?

  • How to release conditions for a personal issue
  • Manifesting new things without conditions
  • Manifestation exercise on being unconditional
  • Energetic clearings & downloads on releasing conditions

Week 4: October 10th - Eradicating Conditional Programming

  • How we're programmed to condition our realities
  • How to stop doing that in small & safe ways
  • Exercise on becoming limitless with our realities
  • Energetic clearings & downloads to support our limitlessness

Each call will be followed by a worksheet (the following day), and suggested exercises to do between our sessions.

Remember, you can attend from anywhere in the world. All you need is access to a phone. Or, if the time doesn't work out for you, you can still participate by receiving each of the calls as a recording in your inbox within 24 hours. Easy-peasy.

Registration is limited to 250.

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