How to Slay Obstacles and Get Past Your Stuckness Online Class

Available for download. Length =  3 hours, 5 minutes 

Description: During the fall season, we traditionally harvest what we've planted (literally or metaphorically), and prepare for the colder seasons ahead. But for those of us who want to keep achieving our potential during this time, and not lose any momentum, we'll need tools to slay any obstacles that present themselves in our reality. This class will provide you with quick, easy-to-understand and use techniques for moving past any perceived or physical obstacles, and help you create your own unique blueprint for success! 

Energetic corrections will also be provided for the group each week, to augment your healing abilities. If you're unable to attend one or more class at this time, all those signed up will receive class recordings within 24 hours of each class.

Materials required: Comfortable clothing, a place to meditate, and a notebook and writing implement.

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Price: $109.00

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