Loving Yourself Without Losing It Online Class

Available for download.  Length = 3 hrs, 15 min. total
Description: Learning to let go of old programming, and to truly love yourself without limits can be a lifelong practice, with many benefits, including better relationships with friends, partners, parents, work colleagues and mentors. But if we're not careful, this can tip over into narcissism, particularly if we have no frame of reference for where the boundary lies. Obviously, no one wants that. This online class focuses on developing deeply loving practices, and increase self-esteem for use in all areas of life. We'll also reduce those negative little voices in the back of your head, and diminish self-doubt going forward. I'll also provide energetic corrections for the group, to release any blocking beliefs that may be causing you to limit yourself. Materials required: Comfortable clothing, a place to meditate, and a notebook and writing implement.

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