Getting to the Source: Deeper Spiritual Writing Online Class

Available for download. Length: approx. 3 hours, 15 minutes total
Description: Many authors want to combine spiritual practice with their writing work. Others may be brand new to the idea of writing, but feel called by their own spiritual feelings or beliefs to go deeper into themselves and the world around them using this medium. This class is designed to help you go deeper in your writing, and begin to access more colorful, descriptive language, and have better insight into your life, and the life of your characters. You'll explore how writers find meaning, why your stories are so incredibly needed (particularly at this time in history), and release any fear or doubt you may have about writing, whether you plan to publish or not. You'll learn how to overcome any resistance in yourself, what makes a story universal, and how to let your soul speak through your words.
Materials required: Comfortable clothing, a place to meditate, and a notebook and writing implement.

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