Working with Guides & Angels Online Class

Working with Guides & Angels Online Class

Available for download. Length =  3 hours, 3 minutes 

Description: In my years of practice as in intuitive and healer, one of the questions that comes up most frequently involves guides, angels, protector spirits and ancestors that have crossed over. Are we truly alone in our journey in earth? Are we somehow connected to these disincarnate beings? And, if so, how can we communicate with them most effectively? In this online class, I'll talk a little about the various types of guides and protector spirits, and then we'll do a lot of hands-on experiential work so you can begin the process of dialoguing with them.  Energetic corrections will also be provided for the group each week, to augment your healing and communication abilities. If you're unable to attend one or more class at this time, all those signed up will receive class recordings within 24 hours of each class. There will be some light homework to practice with each week. Don't worry, there are no tests. 🙂  Materials required: Comfortable clothing, a place to meditate, and a notebook and writing implement.

Note: Since the Week 2 call had a bit of a scratchy connection, I've also added the "Spirit Guide Counsel" meditation from my store to this bundle.

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