Practical Intuitive Development Online Class

Available for download. Length: approx. 3 hours total
Description: For too long, intuition has been confined to the realms of the woo-woo, the "special," and the metaphysical. But each of us comes into the world with our intuitive sense. As we develop into adults, we either choose to develop this sense further, or disregard and override it. But intuition can help us make difficult decisions, operate more productively at our jobs, create more meaningful relationships, and even locate and develop our true purpose on the planet. In short, it has so many practical applications that you may be surprised. In this class, you'll learn how to take the first few steps to meeting your guides, working with the spirit world, how to work with the subtle bodies, and more. Also included are energetic corrections for the group, to release any blocking beliefs that may be causing you to limit what you receive.
Materials required: Comfortable clothing, a place to meditate, and a notebook and writing implement.

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