Rewriting the Story of Your Life Online Class

Rewriting the Story of Your Life Online Class

Available for download. Length: approx. 4 hours, 8 minutes total
Description: One of the biggest issues I face as a reader and healer is unaddressed trauma from earlier in a client's life. Let's face it; we all have this stuff hanging around. It may pop up suddenly when an external stimulus occurs, or hang around at the back of our minds, grinding away at our self-esteem. Whatever the case, we'll use a combination of contemplative practices like meditation and intuition with writing exercises to locate and isolate the hurts you're carrying, release them, and prepare you for a new life without them. In short, we'll be rewriting the story of your life from the inside out, which is one of the most powerful manifestation techniques I know.
Materials required: Comfortable clothing, a place to meditate, and a notebook and writing implement.

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