The 3 Integral Steps: Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams Online Class

Available for download. Length: approx. 3 hours total
Description: One of my greatest joys in life is helping people become lighter, happier, healthier and more connected to their own purpose. But one of my greatest frustrations is that many don't believe in their own power to manifest changes. Many books, classes and teachers give part of the story, but that only results in further frustration. This class breaks the act of manifestation down into three easy steps, and encourages participants to set a specific intention at the beginning of the class, and then apply the lessons and activities I teach to bring about change during our time together and beyond. Also included are energetic corrections for the group, to release any blocking beliefs that may be causing you to limit what you can manifest in your life.
Materials required: Comfortable clothing, a place to meditate, and a notebook and writing implement.

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Price: $109.00

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