21-Day Soul Scrub

21-Day Soul Scrub

Available for download. Length =  about 2 hours total

Description: At the beginning of any New Year, we have a chance to begin to follow our real goals (not the ones we're just saying to make everyone else happy) and decide once and for all if we're going to allow ourselves to be truly joyful and abundant, or not. This year, my guides asked me to put together this 21-Day Soul Scrub, to clear out any lingering energetic gunk from last year -- be it a failed relationship, leftover aches and pains, emotional issues you can't seem to let go of, constant obstacles and feeling stuck, or something else -- and prepare you for MAJOR renewal. 

Each class will be comprised of almost no lecture and instead lots of deep energetic cleansing, followed by downloads designed to heighten your New Year and make what you want easier to access. 

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Price: $109.00

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