Note: All readings must be prepaid through PayPal. During the checkout process, we will ask for your question(s), as well as your birth date, place and time. If you are asking about someone else, please include as much of their information as you have. If you’re paying for a dream interpretation, please use the birth info field at checkout to send us your dream as well. For questions Ally may not answer, please see the FAQ.

Timeframe to receive your reading these days is, generally speaking, within 1 week for an emergency phone reading or energy work session, and within 2-3 weeks for a regularly scheduled phone or energy work session. For email readings & dream interpretations, regular scheduling is generally 48-72 hours, emergency scheduling is within 24 hours, and super rush scheduling is within 8 hours.


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Sassy Psychic Gift Certificates:

 If you’d like to give someone a gift certificate for a particular reading, please purchase the item & check out. In the birth info field, let us know you’d like to give this to someone, and include their email address, if you’d like us to send it directly, and say it was from you. If you’d like to give someone a gift certificate for a certain amount of money (rather than a particular service), please email us through the contact page, and we’ll invoice you directly & send it out immediately.