“I just wanted to send a thank you to Ally. I’ve done several e-mail readings with her about different things that have come up in my life and not only have they been unbelievably accurate (to the point where I’ve actually laughed aloud), but the positive energy she radiates, even with the written word, is incredibly uplifting. I am so grateful for her amazing guidance!”
Stephanie P., Brookline, MA

“I want to thank you so much for accepting your gift. The next day I went to Myrtle Beach to spend time alone with my son and I heard a whisper that my once bulging stomach would flatten and lo and behold my stomach looks like it did when I was 28 years old ……I am 40 now….LOL!!!!! The integration is working…..thank you soooo much for aiding in my healing. I would recommend an energy healing session with you to all my friends!! Thank you again!! AND you will be hearing from me soon!!!”

Kimberly F., South Carolina

“Ally, you are awesome! Thank you so much for your attention. I feel like your intuition is pretty on point for someone who’s never met me. Plus you have a soothing way of writing so it kinda feels therapeutic to come to you. Thanks again. I’ll be back soon!”

Erica P., Glendale, CA

“Wow! That was fast! And so helpful! Thank you so much!”

LaWanica W., Minneapolis, MN

“Thank you so much Ally, you made my day!”

Mario G., Chicago, IL

“I feel like hugging you about 50 times! Thank you so much for the kind words. I can take a lot of punishment but if the rest of my life is going to be exactly as it is now, I’m going back to drinking and smoking immediately. Thanks for giving me hope. I really, really, needed it. “

Jennifer P., Kennesaw, GA

“Thank you so much for your reading and wonderful words. I appreciate your time and effort in answering my questions and you have given me hope.”

C.M., IL

“WOW!” is just about all I can say. I wrote vague and simple questions and got descriptions back that were very specific and spot on with what is going on in the background. You have a client for life!”

U.H., Atlanta, GA

“Wow Ally this was amazing and so uplifting–THANK YOU, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!!!!!”

Jacquie C., Santa Monica, CA

“WOW, Ally!! You are so “on target” about so many things! Your insight is truly amazing. I can’t wait to see how the future predictions pan out.”

Patricia K., Lees Summit, MO

“Ally – I also wanted to tell you how amazed I am how accurate you are with my reading!! Again, thanks for your help!!”

Kay A., Dallas, TX

“I have to tell my friends that after all their consoling, you were the one who got me over Ben and into a new relationship!”

Bonifa W., Queensland, NSW

Ally helps me make all my important decisions. I feel like she’s one of the family.

Patty R., Bridgehampton, NY

Ally had the answers I was looking for — and some of the ones I hadn’t realized I was seeking!

Brynn H., Los Alamos, NM

Ally is a godsend for anyone searching for a way to get their voice heard.

Steve L., Boston, MA

My reading with Ally exceeded all expectations. Not only was she incredibly efficient, she was very accurate — almost to a fault!

Melissa A., Nashville, TN

Ally was sent from above. I couldn’t have wished for a more talented, creative and kind psychic. She has helped me heal many areas of my life, and develop my creativity.

Loree L., San Diego, CA

Ally’s readings are a revelation, and I count her as one of my most respected teachers. With her assistance, I am finally able to call myself a writer and an actor. Just like Dragnet, those are the facts.

Allan W., New York, NY

Ally helped me develop a clear path to what I wanted most – a career as an artist. I can’t thank her enough for helping me find the way.

Paula G., Humboldt, CA

A friend bought me an email reading with Ally because of my money troubles. I don’t know what she did, to be honest, but I ended up feeling better, and then trying a few new options. A little over week later, I had a much better job offer.

Scott K., Chicago, IL